Great Book Sales

The Sidmouth Lions Great Book Sales are held at St John Hall, Blackmore Drive, Sidmouth from 9.30 am to Noon.

They are held on four Saturdays each year - the dates of the

Book Sales in 2020 are as follows -

  • Saturday March  7
  • Saturday May  23
  • Saturday August  22
  • Saturday October  24

There is a 50p admission charge to the Book sale, and this entitles you to a free cup of coffee and a biscuit.

In addition to the books, CD's and DVD's, there is also a good selection of home-made cakes on sale - if you get there early!

The Book Sales offer a huge variety of books, ranging from paperback novels to large hardback books - all at very reasonable prices. Paperbacks start at 1, and hardbacks are priced from 2.

Some of our customers even use the Book Sale as a sort of library - buying a paperback at one Book Sale and returning it for sale at the next one! 

Do you have any unwanted books, CD's or DVD's?

Please give them to the Sidmouth Lions for their Great Book sales.

  • Just a few books etc - please bring them along to the next Book Sale (dates above)
  • A lot of books etc - please telephone John on 01395 515351, or Richard on 01395 514265, and we may be able to collect them from you.

We very much appreciate your support.  Thank you!

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Browsing for books at one of the Sidmouth Lions\' Great Book Sales
Browsing for books at one of the Sidmouth Lions' Great Book Sales