Youth activities

There are several ways in which the Lions Club of Sidmouth endeavours to help local young people.  Here are some of them.

Peace poster competition

An annual competition to encourage young people to think about the importance of World peace, tolerance and international understanding.  Effectively, we are encouraging young people to share their unique visions of the World through pictures.

Rachael Hill receiving the Young Ambassador South West District winner\'s award from Lions International 2nd Vice President Wayne Madden, with District Governor Neil Rutter and Sidmouth Lions President Ian Skinner Young ambassador of the 21st Century

The Lions Young Ambassador scheme acknowledges the work that many young people do as volunteers, and gives them the recognition that they deserve.  It also highlights the charities and volunteer groups with which they are involved.

The National winner of the competition receives a bursary.  Candidates are judged on a number of points - including  the community service  work that they have done, their personality and demonstration of leadership qualities, their ability to speak about their service activities, and their proposed use of the bursary given to the winner.

In 2011, we were delighted to have a young lady from the Sid Valley, Rachael Hill, win the South West District round of the Young Ambassador competition, and then go forward to compete in the National stage of the competition.  Rachael's success at the South West District level earned her a bursary, which she was able to use to further her community work.

Whilst Rachael did not win at the National round, she put in an extremely creditable performance, of which she could be proud. 

Help with volunteering expeditions etc

 From time to time, we help individuals who wish to undertake a volunteering expedition, to go overseas to help other people. We have also helped young people who wish to go overseas to do research.

All of this, of course, helps young people to more clearly understand the issues that other people face, and the work that is being done to try and address those issues.

The Sidmouth Lions have also contributed in the past to the cost of the Sidmouth Skateboard Park, to help to provide that facility for young people.

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